See Through Sound logo's
Andy Jordan at the See Through Sound event.
See Through Sound Merchandise.
Sim specs design, which simulates having an eye condition.
Huw Edwards, BBC journalist supporting See Through Sound.
See Through Sound promotional video created by Alex Gooch 
To create a visual identity for RNIB’s ‘See Through Sound’ music event. The identity should be memorable, accessible and appeal to an audience who are interested in popular music. 

‘See Through Sound’ is a music event for the senses. Throughout part of the show sim-specs simulating generic eye conditions are given to the audience. Wearing these glasses gives sighted people a different perspective by showing them what it would be like to have limited sight at a concert. 
The graphic identity is a visual representation of seeing through sound. The visual pattern is made up from instruments and musical devices associated with music concerts. Most of the illustrations have circles within them which are strategically placed to act as eyes in order to anthropomorphise the instruments. 
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